Thinking of a new swimming pool? Below we explain the whole process of building a new Swimming Pool from start to finish, design, construction, right through to final commissioning.

Building a new Swimming Pool

When you decide to have a swimming pool, there are a few simple steps you should take before committing yourself to the project. UK Swimming pools will of course come out right away to conduct a full free site survey, discuss your needs in detail and give you an accurate estimate of cost. Just call 01293 881340 anytime.

  1. Preparation is everything, make sure you have a very clear idea of your requirements before you even think about ringing round for quotes. We have compiled the document to help you decide what is right for you
  2. Next write down a short list of your basic requirements. This document can download in word format (editable) HERE. You can use it to prepare you provisional tender.
  3. Once done its time to start the search a suitable Swimming Pool Builder.
  4. Be sure to check out their experience, reputation and feedback. There are o lot of cowboys out there and general builders masquerading as specialist swimming pool builders.

Finally, it’s time to start asking for provisional quotes. (get at least three). Try to book early as a good contractor will always be busy especially when the sun is shining.

Please read the document below, feel free to call us on 01293 881340 if you need any further explanation or advice.


There are many araes where cost savings can be made (see below), this is not one of them. We do not cut corners when it comes to build quality; the pools we build are built for life and never give problems. This is how we do it [read more]

Sizing your Swimming Pool

Size is important and before you go too far you may want to measure out what size of swimming pool you require (don’t forget the depth). It’s not just the cost of the build that increases with size there’s also the maintence and running cost consider.

Access to the Site

Excavation and spoil removal form a significant part of the cost. Obviously, the better the access, the cheaper the cost. Beware many builders and ONLINE QUOTE sites do not include this.

Getting into your Swimmimg Pool

Take time to consider this one carefully, there are many oprtions to be considered, will the pool be used by young children (do you want to have a paddling area?). Will the pool be used by disabled persons etc. you can see some examples here

Internal Finishes

There are many options regarding finish, all of which have their individual pros and cons. We have outlined the most prominent below.

  1. Painted Concrete
    Cons: Appearance, Bad insulation, Durability
    Pros: Cost, Time to complete
  2. Marbelite
    Cons: insulation, will become rough and insipid in colour with age, as expensive as full glass mosaic.
    Pros:Midway finish between painted and fully tiled pools. (Now superceeded)
  3. Liners:
    Cons: Operating life, Long term cost, nearly the same cost as concrete pools now, why would you have one?
    Pros: Short term Cost (slightly cheaper than tiles)
  4. Mosaic and Tiles
    Cons: Slightly more expensive than Marbelite, and Liners
    Pros: Better in every other aspect. The most long lasting interior finish

Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers come in many types and styles. The important thing to remember is that a difference of 1 degree between the swimming pool water temperature and the ambient temperature around the pool zone will result in evaporation. And It’s not just the water that will evaporate, the chemicals that are used to keep the pool clean will go too. These chemicals are expensive consumables which will be a big part of your pool running cost. Here we have listed some points to remember when considering a swimming pool cover.

  1. Fully Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Covers
    It is important to remember that there is only one automatic child proof safety cover in the UK, and that is a ‘Coverstar’ by Certikin. This cover and this cover only carries the ROSSBOROUGH seal of approval. How you store your safety cover will alter the price so ask UK Swimming pools for an estimate. [read more]Tip! If your budget is stretched at time of pool construction ask if the underground storage chamber can be constructed at the same time as the pool, the cover installed at a later date.
  2. Manual Covers
    All types of swimming pool cover can be automated or manually controlled.
  3. Solar Blankets
    Solar or ‘bubble’ covers are a great choice if the budget is tight, and will help save heat, water and chemicals. We advise you have a roller storage system as the covers become very heavy once floated on the pool surface. Ask us for a free estimate as to the cost of storing your cover. [read more]
  4. Winter Debris covers
    These covers are made to order and resemble a ‘trampoline’ type material which has straps at intervals. These are fixed to the pool pavour using removable pins. They are good for stopping large debris from entering the pool but are not heat retentive. We advise using both solar blankets and debris covers together.A Coverstar, safety cover, does both jobs and is in fact 10 times more heat retentive than the best solar blanket on the market

Swimming Pool Heating

If you require your pool to be heated, UK Swimming pools can advise as to the most efficient way to achieve your ideal temperature. When Chlorine is added to water it rusts steel and iron much more quickly, therefore most swimming pool units will have stainless steel insides, thus being more expensive in price. Types of heating include.

  1. Gas Boilers
    Gas boilers for pools are available but will be the most expensive units. If the pool is not to far from the house it may be possible to link to the existing house central heating via a heat exchanging unit.
  2. Electric Heaters
    Electric heating units are cheaper in comparison to other fossil fuel units but are more expensive to run. The pros are that they are instant and will not let you down.
  3. Solar Panels
    Solar heating is the cheapest form of heating and for a low cost a bespoke unit can be made. Running pipe work under the pools paving area is a great way to capture the suns heat, and used in conjunction other types of heating can be very beneficial

Pumps and Filtration

All our swimming pools spas and pond will have a suitable pump, filter keg and multidirectional valve fitted. We will advise as to the size required for your pool at the time of estimating.

All our staff are members of ispe, THE INSTITUTE OF SWIMMING POOL ENGINEERS.