A Fully tiled finish applied to a swimming pool, hot tub or spa is considered to be the ultimate garden feature and like most quality things in life, brings the most pleasure. A fully tiled swimming pool not only looks and feels the best, it can actually be more economical in the long run as the glass and ceramic surfaces add to heat insulation. We can supply and fix all manner of tiles to your pool and even provide ‘special’ mosaic works of art that apply to you personally

tiled_swimming_pool_stepsIf you are considering having some new tiling to your pool our spa, then why not call on us to show you some examples of our new and refurbishment work. It is possible to include a motif, say a star, seahorses and dolphins even your family ‘coat of arms’ can be created. Contrasting step lines, lane runs and wall base borders are supplied on request. If you are going to refurbish your old pool. why not have a new water level tile band, say with ‘Roman’ or ‘Greek’ key patterns.

UK Swimming Pools does not use standard pool tile adhesive. Many years experience of repairing pools has proven that this material is sub standard. Instead we use our own formula of white cement based material for a life lasting finish. This why we are able to guarantee our tile works for a 10 year period and beyond.

We supply and fix mosaics at unbeatable prices and our work has been included in their brochure. Please view our huge range of mosaic tiles at the link below

Our Mosaic Catalogue now includes the following ranges:

Aqua Luxe
A 25 mm glass mosaic with mesh backing. Suitable for Walls, Shower rooms, Swimming Pools and in and out door use.



Duit Glass Range
A clear glass two patterned tile suitable for swimming pools and shower rooms.


Hisbalit Range
A glass /porcelain 23 mm tile with mesh backing. Suitable for all wet areas, very common in swimming pools.


Iridium Range
A 20 mm recycled glass tile that is iridescent in style.Can be used anywhere.


KT and TC Range
A 20mm glass range that can offer class and style at low prices.Very common in swimming pools and the base colours are our quoted range.


St Kilda and Islay Range
A 20 mm solid glass mosaic that offers style and high end finish.


Yin Fei Range
A 23 mm glass/stone mixed tile. Anti slip and can be used anywhere.