New regulations and codes of practice [cop] from the pool water treatment advisory group .

From 2014 all swimming pools must meet the new EU standards of construction and performance.The pool water treatment advisory group, have listed their codes of practice [COP] that is a ‘must’ for all swimming pools and spas in the Euro zone.Swimming pools in the UK must adhere to these codes and clients need to be aware of the willingness of the contractor to under take these seriously.
While drinking water and even coastal waters are subject to regulation in the UK, there is no equivalent specific regulation for the control of swimming pool water.The COP provides a practical summary of the recommendations and guidelines in the book, but also a specific charter to which pool operators can adhere and against which their operations can be evaluated.

Compliance does not itself confer immunity from legal obligations.This COP contains general operational and safety recommendations for the management of swimming pool water treatment systems and associated water treatment plant, heating and ventilation systems.The UK has already some of the best codes in place, for example, outside the UK it is permissible for a concrete swimming pool to lose 21mm of water a day, where as in the UK only 12mm is acceptable.Here in the UK, concrete swimming pools in the ground have to carry a ten year guarantee, in the EU it is only six! As ‘Institute of swimming pool engineers’ [ISPE] trained UK swimming pools limited can help and advise on all aspects of swimming pool design and operation as we are aware of the codes of practice required. Call Anthony on 01293 881340 to discuss your requirements and concerns.