Why re-tile my swimming pool?

We at UK Swimming Pools LTD get asked this all the time.

There are many reasons for retiling the interior of an existing pool even if started life as a liner pool.

If your pool had a mosaic tile band and was ‘marbelited’ from new, chances are the tile band and interior surfaces of the pool are missing and discoloured.

At UK Swimming Pools LTD we can remove the existing defect tile band and re tile the whole pool within one week. If your swimming pool started life as a liner pool with concrete substructure we can convert your old ‘cheap’ pool to a deluxe standard that will not only look and feel better, but will save heating cost as the glass mosaic tiles retain heat up to 35% more that a non tiled surface.

If your swimming pool has suffered from frost and cold weather damage the existing tile band and coping stones will be loose and defective. In the past and still today many swimming pool companies use sub-contracting tile firms to do their tiling. At UK Swimming Pools LTD we do all our tiling works in house.

Our tiles do not come off in the cold weather and give many years of use and pleasure.