Did you know that if you have a swimming pool you can apply and get up to 35% discounted from your water and sewage bills!

As most swimming pools have their own filter system, it follows that most people who own one, treat and chemically dose the pool themselves.
New water to charge the pool up and refill it once backwashed will be charged by the water companies allowing for the cost of receiving the water back as sewage. The water is treated by the owner, thus not being discharged back down the sewage system.You are entitled to a discount on the water supplied due to the above.If you need further confirmation and details,call Anthony on 07931913706.


It can now be confirmed that the UK is now experiencing higher temperatures than ever before due to global warming.Many local authorities are putting in to place emergency plans to combat ever increasing hot spells that can extend the summer months.It has been rumoured that some councils are to create a new ‘SIESTA TIME’ between 2 and 4 pm as it will be unbearable to work during these periods .Having your own swimming pool will make more sense and would be used all year round, making them a great investment.

The above shows one of our reinforced concrete swimming pools before and after and in just only four weeks.Call Anthony on 07931913706 to get a full idea as to the cost for your new pool.