What is filter media and when and how should i change it???

Filter media is the material that is placed in the filter keg. Sand or glass silica is the most commonly used media but new re-cycled glass and even tiny plastic beads are becoming popular.The media within the filter keg ‘catches’ the dirt/dust particles as the water passes through.Most filter multiport valves have a reverse setting [backwash] which changes the way the water passes through the keg.After a few years it may be necessary to change the media due to it becoming solid and beyond cleaning or rinsing.The pressure gauge on the top of the keg or on the side of the multipart valve will indicate high pressure and if this a constant then the media needs to be changed.Care must be taken to remove the filter keg lid [side mounted valve].The old media can be removed using a small ladle or rubber gloved hand.The new media should be fitted while the keg is half full of fresh water.A floculant or ‘Kibbled Aluminium’ additive will aid in the water clarity.

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