Marbelite Vs Pacelite

Marbelite and Pacelite are both internal swimming pool finishes usually applied by hand using a trowel. Generally, colour-fast white cement pigments are used in Marbelite and Pacelite to colour the fine cement particles and marble and provide a background colour to the exposed natural aggregates.

We are often asked “what is the difference between” Marbelite and Pacelite and which of the two is the best product.
Marbelite Swimming Pool Finish

Marbelite is a mixed on site cement based finish that offers a genuine luxury alternative to ceramic tiles. When applied and finished, Marbelite gives a luxurious marble effect which is low maintenance, strong wearing, economically priced and environmentally friendly.
Pacelite Swimming Pool Finish

Pacelite is a ready mixed marble finish and is available in range of colours. The quality and properties of the finish are much the same as Marbelite.
Applying a Marbelite or Pacelite finish

We are a skilled installation team who brush on a bonding coat usually waterproof sand and cement rendering before applying the Marbelite or Pacelite coat, then trowel up the surface ready for the final job of wet polishing/grinding the finish. The swimming pool can then be filled immediately, without having to wait for curing times etc.

We are always here to help you in your decision, but always recommend that before proceeding, you can contact us, read and understand the nature of the materials being used, and therefore should you have any queries about the product or maintenance they are fully answered and you are happy to go ahead.
Maintaining a Marbelite or Pacelite rendered Swimming Pool

All pool swimming pool plaster type finishes, including Marbelite and Pacelite are subject to common factors such as colour variation, mottling, staining, efflorescence and scale with coloured or pigmented pool plasters being especially prone to these characteristics. These are mostly due to lack of or incorrect maintenance. A ceramic tiled band around the waterline is a good idea since this is where staining is likely to occur.

To enable you to protect this finish it is very important that the chemical balance of the water is regularly checked and if the pool is outdoors we would suggest the fitting of a winter debris cover and thermal blanket.