The use of ‘Marbelite’ as an interior finish in swimming pools dates back to the earliest years in history.

The marble chippings in a spreadable compound was perfect for the smooth coating required when bathing.

During the late sixties the finish became popular within water areas as it was a cheaper and easier product to source rather than tiles or mosaics which were hugely expensive.

Over the decades as tile cost came down and the lack of skilled tradesmen became more evident people moved away from the marbelite /paceilite  finishes.

Supplies of the minerals and compounds to form the product became almost impossible to source so a marbelite pool was and nowadays is not on the sales list of many swimming pool companies.

That is until now, at UK Swimming Pools LTD we have found a really market and get asked all the time to quote for a new marbelite coating.

We are only a number of few who have been trained and have history with the product as you will see from the picture of the director as an apprentice 40 years ago.

There are now only a few suppliers of the product which has now been extended to colourful variations of chippings within the surrounding cement compound making it possible to even have ‘glow in the dark’ particles for those wild late night pool parties. The cost is more economical these days compared to tiles or mosaics and with modern water treatment devices it is possible for the surface to look good even after 10 years of use.

Call Anthony at UK Swimming Pools LTD for a quote on your new swimming pool interior finish or even if you want to freshen it up.

For more information on our marbelite finishes can be found here: Marbelite Swimming Pools