Marbelite used in swimming pools is a hard decorative finish which has to be applied by experienced professionals. The correct tooling must used the, standard trowels and floats will stain the surface on application. The mixture of white cement, marble chipping’s and marble dust containing waterproof additives and rapid hardeners is applied in two coats and polished the next day using a slow sanding disc. UK Swimming Pools are trained and experienced in both application of new coatings for new pools or repairs to old defective linings.

Marbelite Swimming Pool Repairs

marbelite-being-appliedUK Swimming Pools can bring your old frost damaged pool back to life with a new mosaic tile band and new marbelite lining. Marbelite is a high strength polymer cement coating designed for surfacing old or new concrete. Marbelite transforms ordinary plain concrete into a beautiful practical surface of natural stone, slate, brick, tile or paver look. Marbelite surface materials offer higher strength properties than conventional concrete and are more flexible and durable. The Marbelite surface incorporates the use of durable Marbelite Polymer Bonding Resin and is then sealed with high grade polyurethane and acrylic sealers (Stain Seal “500” or Crystal Clear “1000”) to provide high abrasion resistance as well as cleanability. Marbelite cement coatings offer an attractive and durable surface finish at an affordable cost, making it the perfect choice for commercial and residential installations, interior and exterior.
Marbelite offers the following advantages over stamped concrete or interlocking paver systems:

1. Marbelite can be applied over existing concrete at a 1/8″ layer which permits existing elevations to remain basically unchanged, making it ideal for any type of concrete or poly-pebble (epoxy-aggregate) surfacing removal and renovation.

2. The Marbelite pattern surface is uniform and even, with no crevices in which high-heel style shoes may get caught.

3. Marbelite is a solid sealed surface, unlike pavers which permits ants, weeds and dirt to collect in the joint areas.

4. Marbelite offers a variety of large sized patterns which are virtually unavailable in stamped concrete of interlocking paver systems.
High Strength Uniformity

Marbelite Polymer Cement Coatings are uniform in color and resistant to yellowing or discoloration due to exposure to ultraviolet light . The interim polymer matrix of Marbelite Polymer Cement provides excellent water resistance to decrease spalling, cracking, and surface degradation caused by repeated freeze/thaw cycles, making it ideal for installation in cold climates. Marbelite mortars are also resistant to industrial chemicals.