Here at UK Swimming Pools LTD we asked all the time if we can convert a liner swimming pool to a fully mosaic luxury finished item.
The answer is YES!
If your swimming pool is a solid construction sub-liner we can supply and fix our interior reinforcing system which will toughen up the original construction and allow the pool to be rendered and tiled.In some cases the old liner companies get away with just a ‘lean’ [weak] mix of cement on the floor, relying on the [plastic bag] liner to stop the water escaping. In these cases we would need to install a new reinforced concrete floor which is then rendered in with the rest of the pools interior.If your swimming pool has a plastic top rolled capping, it is unlikely that the sub liner construction is solid but rather a steel or timer panelled kit that has a liner stretched into it. In these cases you would need a new concrete skin built within the old excavation.Phone UK Swimming Pools and speak to Anthony who can advise you as to the possibility of having a deluxe fully mosaic tiled pool instead of a plastic hole in the ground 🙂