Liner to Tiled Swimming Pool Renovation

Swimming pool liners were originally introduced as an interior finish for the low budget end of the market. The construction is of seam welded plastic sheeting. They can be printed with variety of mosaic patterns, tiled borders etc. But there is no getting away from the fact that they are essentially plastic bags. And as such are very susceptible to scratches and abrasion. In addition they also suffer from the migration of plasticisers from the vinyl, the process of which results in the vinyl becoming brittle, and that’s not all.

If a liner type swimming pool is heated in excess of 30 degrees, there is a chance the colour / print could fade away. The images below show the effects of an overheated Liner pool which is just 3 years old and the restoration carried out by UK Swimming Pools.

Below you can see all to clearly the side effects of having a cheap liner pool. Note the liner expansion and stretching, due to overheating. You will see that below the old defective liner the pool is constructed from concrete block, a great starting point for UK Swimming Pools to get going on the conversion to a rigid concrete interior tiled finish.