Lap Pools are now the pool of desire and can aid any health program. UK Swimming Pools can design and build your new lap pool to any length you desire. Complete with full filter systems these lap pools can be used in all year round. All filter system include a media keg with multi direction valve for easy cleaning. Heating the pool can be electric , gas or solar units for complete control. Lap pools are very useable and your will never add a better addition to your garden.

UK Swimming Pools LTD can add any shaped step arrangement to your lap pool and as you can see from the image even include a spa area for you to relax after a full on training session in your very own lap pool.



Lap pools do not need to be many metres in length as a resistant water pressure filter system that forces you to the end can be installed. You swim against the force of water thus getting exercise that would normally require a huge Olympic pool distance.