In October 2016 new building regulations come into force which will dictate that all new domestic properties must be Carbon Neutral. In other words, if somebody has plans for a new- build property, if it is not carbon neutral then it simply will not meet the building regulations,and planning permission will not be granted.

By October 2040 the proposals will be extended and virtually all existing domestic properties must be carbon neutral.

The term ‘carbon neutral’ does not mean that you can not use gas, oil or other carboniferous fuels at all. What it does mean is that if you use fossil fuels then you have to off-set their use by something else; typically, this might be electricity generating photo-voltaic cells.

So what does all this mean? It means that we should heat our swimming pools with a heat source that has low carbon input.
Air sourced heat pumps fit into this category.

The output of a air sourced heat pump far exceeds the carbon input.


Low carbon to meet building regulations.
Low running cost.
ASHPs relatively low installation cost.
GSHPs higher efficiencies.
GSHPs virtually silent operation.
ASHPs low space.

[ASHPs , air sourced heat pumps]

[GSHPs , ground sourced heat pumps.]

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