Swimming pools are considered to be the icon of wealth, an example of ‘you are doing well’, you are successful! well that is true, but swimming pools are in fact the same price they were 30 years ago.

With the aid of technology and cheaper manufacturing processes having a new reinforced concrete swimming pool can cost the same as a new small family car. Our pools can be any size, shape and depth with a range of interior finishes to suit. At Uk Swimming Pools ltd, we can supply and fix a new concrete swimming pool to fit any budget.

Before you opt for a swimming pool you will need to ascertain who and how many people are going to use the pool and an average basis, this is called the ‘Bathing load’ and will set the outlines for pool filter and pipe work requirements. Once this has been decided, shape and finish will be chosen.

Having an outdoor pool can be very cheap to run these days with the added option of a solar cover which are around 99.9% efficient. Heating and lighting should be considered and at UK swimming pools we have a large selection of options you may we require. Different heating options are available with low cost nightly operation a great way to save money on your new pool zone.
Peace of mind

All our staff are ISPE members [the institute of swimming pool engineers] and our work carries a standard 10 year guarantee.