UK swimming pools can carry out all types of swimming pool refurbishment works including changing the shape or depth of your pool, Set out below are some examples of the radical changes to existing old damaged swimming pools made possible by UK swimming pools.

It’s not uncommon for ourselves at UK Swimming Pools LTD to be questioned by our clients concerning the depth of their swimming pool. People are increasingly desiring their pool to be made less deep. Since the 60s at has been all the rage to have the biggest deepest swimming pool possible, however with life being more minimalistic, economical and space saving being a high priority these days clients opting for their pools to be raising from 2.5m+ to averagely 1.4m all over.

The pool we have presented on this page is to have a complete refurbishment including full glass mosaic tiles and floor to be raised from 2.5m to 1.6m. This pool, originally from the 1980s, only has one sump (which is not compliant with todays regulations) will no have two sumps installed and only has one skimmer which is not sufficient when there are many surrounding trees so we installed an additional two skimmers to keep this water leaf free. An Automatic safety cover is also to have decking cover replaced with copings and paving to give impression there is not a cover.

change depth of swimming pool


As you can see in the picture below the pool has almost been completed. Floor level has been raised, two sumps installed, two extra skimmers installed, all new coping stones, completely mosaic tiled and brand new filter system. Now time for the hose. All to do now is cover the pit housing for the automatic swimming pool safety cover with copings and paving.

change depth of swimming pool


By reducing the depth of this swimming pool in the deep end not only does it make it safer for a family with children but it also makes the pool a whole lot more economical. Reducing the swimming pool water volume by almost 10,000 litres the swimming pool now requires less chemical dosing than before. Chlorine and other chemical filtration products are one of your biggest consumables so this is a long term saving. From a heating point of view there is less water to heat so there are big savings here too!

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