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Pool Facts and News

Did you know that if you have a swimming pool you can apply and get up to 35% discounted from your water and sewage bills! As most swimming pools have their own filter system, it follows that most people who own one, treat and chemically dose the pool themselves.New water to charge the pool up…

Winterising a swimming Pool

Here at UK Swimming Pools ltd we believe that although the United Kingdom does experience extremes of weather both hot and cold, swimming pools and spa’s suffer less damage if left in minor operation during the cold winter months. The fact that ‘Moving’ water has to be colder to freeze, gives room to allow the…


In October 2016 new building regulations come into force which will dictate that all new domestic properties must be Carbon Neutral. In other words, if somebody has plans for a new- build property, if it is not carbon neutral then it simply will not meet the building regulations,and planning permission will not be granted. By…

Ecodesign directive lot29

1.Ecodesign directive set to improve the efficiency of our electric motors. 2. 2011-3 phase motors had to be IE2 or higher. 3. 2015-will have to be IE3 or variable speed pumps. 4. likely that permanent magnetic motor technology will be the norm. 5. All Certikin supplied pumps supplied by UK Swimming Pools, comply

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