There may be situations when Above Ground pools are more suitable than In ground pools, for the most part these are usaully due to geographical conditions. Our Concrete swimming pools can be placed on hillsides, slopes, or terraced land with complete piece of mind. The outside finish can be either clad or rendered to create a modern swimming area. Internal finishing is carried out as per the clients requirements, see or tiles and finishes page. Surrounding pavour can be of Decking or Slabs depending on the customers choice.



UK Swimming Pools are able design and construct above ground swimming pools. Our unique reinforced concrete system allows for complete rigidity on the whole pool structure does not rely on outside support from surrounding earth or walling to be completely unmovable. Unlike plastic or timber framed pools our concrete swimming pools last a life time.

This pool has underground storage cupboards and car parking area. Reinforced concrete floor beams were used to create the ‘roof’ of the cupboards and car-parking floor. Bespoke concrete swimming pools can be created on cliff sides and uneven ground.