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Green With Envy!

In these modern times of new manufacturing techniques, coloured tiles and mosaic tones have come in in leaps and bounds.People are now going for the ‘natural water look and these green tiles seem to fit the bill.Call Anthony on 07931913706 for a quote on changing or injecting some ‘Green Envy’ into your pool.

Pool Filter Media

What is filter media and when and how should i change it??? Filter media is the material that is placed in the filter keg. Sand or glass silica is the most commonly used media but new re-cycled glass and even tiny plastic beads are becoming popular.The media within the filter keg ‘catches’ the dirt/dust particles…

Saline (Salt Water) Pool System

Five steps to convert your pool to a salt water system . First thing to consider is picking the right salt Chlorinator for the job. Always allow a unit that is set for at least a third larger than your pool volume. To work out your pools volume, Take the length of the pool and…

Nifty Shades of Grey

Welcome to our Nifty Shades of Grey page! Just some of our mosaic in ground swimming pools either refurbished or constructed from new .With glass mosaic production being now open to different firing techniques it is now possible to have almost any shade of mosaic tile. In this modern age, clients are now requiring the…

Kidney Pool Refurbishment

Kidney Pool Refurbishment

This nice kidney shaped swimming pool for a client in Balcombe has had the full UK Swimming Pools refurbishment treatment. Full new ‘Shaded Iron Blue 25mm glass mosaics, new filter system and coping conversion to lap over tiles. A lovely finish that brings the pool up to date and is unique.

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