1950’s Music Swimming Pool Refurb

This one of a kind bespoke swimming pool, believed to have been built in the 50’s is sited in ‘Blackboys’ near Uckfield, East Sussex.
A concrete marbelised pool, it had painted several times over the decades and suffered further damaged when at some stage someone had plugged off the hydrostatic relief valve and the pool had suffered severe cracks as it tried to literally float out of the ground.
Our job was to install a twin sump main drain system with two HRVs and raise the deep end from 2.4 metres to 1.5 metres deep
The cracks in the walls were cut out and reinforced with EML then rendered.
As the pool had several coats of paint we had removed the surface and then applied epoxy twin pack paint that was then ‘dashed’ with sharp sand to provide a stable substrate prior to new mosaic tiles being applied.
A new filter system with twin air sourced heat pumps and UV filter add on were installed.