Manual Swimming Pool Covers

Manual Covers are a the cheapest option for covering a pool and as the names implies are operated by hand, usually rolling the cover around a drum poistioned above ground anchored at the end of the pool or on braked castors for easy storage.

Most outdoor pools are fitted with covers, generally housed on a roller at one end of the pool. They all retain heat and limit evaporation, but there are several types:
  • Bubble covers which also warm the pool.
  • Thermal covers which just insulate.
  • Slatted covers which may also warm the pool and which are stored in a pit.
  • One-piece 'sealed covers which run on tracks and are designed to keep children and debris out of the pool.

The danger of illicit access and drowning must be taken into account. Flexible covers [bubble,thermal] increase the risk because they may trap the intruder under the water. f there is a risk of illicit access, the cover should be able to bear a persons weight without trapping them.

An effective POOL COVER can normally reduce the need for the ventilation system to operate at full loading out of hours [it may even allow it to be shut off] and therefore substantially reduce energy use in both indoor and outdoor pool and spa areas.

Liquid pool cover manufacturers claim their products, spread a monomolecular layer of wax, delivered via an alcohol carrier, over the surface of the pool water. In theory, this would reduce evaporation in calm waters. This effect is likely to be compromised if bathers are present, ands by surface water removal in deck-level pools. So its performance is likely to depend on the type and use of pool.

Some pool operators have found it satisfactory, some not. Operators should watch out for the possibility of automatic dosing sensors needing extra cleaning if they get coated in wax.

UK Swimming Pools can advise on all types of swimming pool covers and will discuss the different price options with you.

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