Accessories and Additions

Once your swimming pool has been constructed or if you own one already, you may consider having some extra options and accessories, such as air injection, automatic pool sweeps, aqua slides, automatic safety covers and small pool toys. Please call UK Swimming Pools for a quote and information.

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Pumps and Filters

Swimming pool pumps and sand filters are an essential part of your pool system. Having the correct pool pumps and sand filter running the filtration element of your pool combined with correct swimming pool chemicals will ensure your pool water stays crystal clear and bacteria free.

UK Swimming Pools LTD can supply a complete range of swimming pool sand filters and pool pumps for example the popular and proven Sta-Rite 5P2R swimming pool pumps which are designed for inground pools and have been engineered to the highest standards for over 30 years.

We can also supply the Certikin Aquaspeed pool pump which is designed for use with both pools and spa filtration systems. The Aquaspeed swimming pool pump boasts whisper quiet operation along with reliability from this leading manufacturer.

Sand filters have been the most popular source of pool water filtration for many years and have proven themselves to be very reliable and efficient. UK Swimming Pools LTD supply a wide range to suit any new pool installation requirements or plant room refurbishments from the leading manufacturers such as Certikin and Astral Pool.

Whether you're looking for pool pumps or sand filters, UK Swimming Pools have a huge range available. For more information or product sizing please contact our team at or call 01293881340.

Swimming Pool Lighting

LED PAR 56 Underwater Lights

The Certikin LED lighting systems are an environmentally friendly solution for swimming pools thanks to their long life expectancy and energy efficiency. These LED lights will last up to 100,000 hours and use 80% less power than traditional under water lights thus reducing both maintenance and running costs. They are available in either a plain white light or multicoloured unit where a choice of fixed colour or automatic colour sequencing can be used to create a range of different effects.

Technical Characteristics

  • White LED lamps contain 18x white LEDs.
  • Multicolour LED lamps contain 6 x red, 6 x green, 6 x blue LEDs
  • High efficiency LEDs with initial output:745 lumens
  • Maximum power consumption 45W per unit.
  • Nominal voltage is 12v AC
  • Multicolour lamp has 12 function modes: 6 fixed colours and 6 colour sequences

Multicolour LED operation modes:

  • Set colour: Selection of one set colour out of six possibilities.
  • Automatic sequence of colours: Selection of six colour sequence programmes.

Each programme is defined by the lighting time of each colour and the transition time from onecolour to another according to the table below.

Swimming Pool Heating

UK Swimming Pools LTD offer a wide choice of heating solutions for your swimming pools. With our swimming pool heaters you can feel the warmth of heated water throughout the seasons. Many of our heaters are also usable indoors.

Cost Effective Swimming Pool Heaters

Our swimming pool heaters are cost effective as they are tailored for the size of the pool that you own. You can purchase our heaters knowing that they will not be excessively electricity hungry or even inadequate for the size of pool that you own. When it comes to powering your heater we also offer a wide variety of natural and propane powered heaters as well as dehumidifiers to keep the air quality around your pool free of water vapour and condensation - especially useful for indoor pools. Our heaters are also compatible with every swimming pool cleaner that we sell.

Using Swimming Pool Heaters

Our swimming pool heaters are easy to use for all pool types. We provide clear instructions on their use as well as offering a free downloadable product brochure for each heater.

We offer the following selection of swimming pool heating solutions:

  • Heat Pumps
  • Natural and Propane Gas Swimming Pool Heaters
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Inline Electric Heaters
  • Oil Heaters

Pool-Side accessories and Pool Safety

UK Swimming Pools LTD have a huge range of Ladders and fixings, diving boards, slides, showers and counter current units.

UK Swimming Pools can supply anything you need to make your Pool-Side suit you.

All ladders UK Swimming Pools LTD supply are designed to be the best for you in aiding easy access in and out of your pool. The ladders supplied include; standard ladders, ladders for concrete pools, ladders for liner pools, ladders for overflow and undercover ladders that allow for a slatted cover.

UK Swimming Pools stock a selection of counter current units for new builds and existing pools for the competitive swimmer as well as those that want to swim for fun.  These units are designed with smaller pools in mind where there is enough room for the unit and swimmer. Also when you finish swimming and want to freshen up, what better way than a wonderful pool-side shower?These showers have many different options of a foot wash, auto shut-off and mixer taps.

UK Swimming Pools LTD even supply products for the kids; a range of water slides and a diving board. The slides have an option of having a curved slide and come with water jets for faster speed. The diving board is one of the iconic Certikin diving boards;its stylish looks and great build quality make it one of the best diving boards available.

When by the pool Pool Safety should always be considered. Coping stonesnot only make the pool-side look neater but also add a non-slip safety feature and a rounded edge. Pool alarms are for when you do not have a safety cover and children are playing around the pool area. This alarm triggers as soon as a child hits the surface of the water alerting you of this. Other safety equipment includes handrails and life saving belts and hooks. These items are an essential for when bathers or swimmers become exhausted and struggle.

If you cant find exactly what your looking for don't be afraid to contact us on 01293881340 or email

Swimming Pool Cleaners

Ensuring your swimming pool is cleaned on a regular basis is of paramount importance if you want to enjoy your pool safely and responsibly. A swimming pool cleaner will help to keep your pool debris free and safe for all the family to have fun in. There are many different swimming pool cleaners on the market and we supply the ones we feel are best for the purpose.

Finding the perfect Swimming Pool Cleaner

UK Swimming Pools LTD supply a wide range of swimming pool cleaners and assure that you will find the best swimming pool cleaner for your pool.

UK Swimming Pools do offer pool Maintenance Contracts for pools, which will cut out the need for future repairs and replacements.UK Swimming Pools also supply swimming pool cleaners, which will keep the pool clean and pleasant to swim in on a day-to-day basis. Owning both a pool Maintenance Contractswith UK Swimming Pools LTD and a swimming pool cleaner is the key to a safe, clean and long lived swimming pool.

Easy maintenance with a Swimming Pool Cleaner

There is nothing more attractive than a crystal clear swimming pool on a hot summers day. Maintaining that brand-new feeling however normally turns out to be a herculean task. Not so with mechanical pool cleaners and also with the wide range of swimming pool chemicals. Also to keep your pool in the best of conditions during those long autumn months you are well advised to invest in our excellent range of swimming pool covers.

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