Frost And Snow Damaged Swimming Pools

A swimming pool, if built properly should be frost and snow proof. Going by the number of enquiries we receive this is not always the case. Swimming pools built incorrectly can suffer from frost and snow damage in a number of ways.

Firstly, most tile companies do not use a waterproof additive in the adhesive allowing water to get behind the tiles, this then freezes and expands, popping off the tiles.

Secondly, the water gets behind the pool outer wall and freezes, causing the rendering and the tiles to pop off. The swimming pool copings can also freeze and crack due to poor mortar joints.

The good news is that UK Swimming Pools can fix all these problems. As you can see from the before and after pictures of this twenty year old marbelite swimming pool, we can always bring them back to life!

Frost damaged swimming pool. The paving has lifted and the Coping stones have popped off caused by severe frost:

pool in need of repair


All copping stones have been replaced, a new coating of marbelite has been applied complete with mosaic band. Just the paving to finish off